In conjunction with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) agreement to provide federal aid to local governments and nonprofits in 68 Missouri counties to repair public infrastructure, such as roads and bridges, damaged by flooding and storms earlier this year, the agency has opened a local regional office in Cape Girardeau.

Tom Kelsey and Chris Cole, brokers with Lorimont Commercial Real Estate, confirmed they handled the lease with FEMA for space at 2125 William Street, the former location of Steve-Mark Decorating Center. They understand the agency will utilize the 8,000 square-foot space as an operation office to oversee any claims in the Southeast Missouri counties involved in this and any other governmental assistance program.

The state of Missouri had requested assistance for damage that occurred in those counties between April 29 and July 5, according to the Missouri Governor's office. The approval means FEMA will help with the infrastructure repairs, as well as costs associated with emergency response during the storms and flooding. With FEMA's recent decision, assistance also will be available through its Hazard Mitigation Program, intended to prevent or reduce long-term life and property risks due to natural hazards, officials said. The Lorimont brokers said FEMA would occupy the Cape Girardeau space for a regional operations office for an undetermined amount of time, but thought it would be for several months. In the meantime, they continue to pursue long-term tenants for the Heritage Center development owned by the Horn family.